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How to Measure size :-


The easiest way to find your bangle size is to decide which wrist you will wear your bangle. Place your hand on a flat surface. Then measure between the highest points, which are the middle of the knuckle, of your first and fourth knuckles. This is your bangle size. This shows the points on your knuckle you should measure between. When you measure. Place your hand FLAT on a flat surface, then measure the distance between the points. Put your bangle on your hand as far as it will go. Fold your knuckles together as much as you can and slide the bangle over them. * Your bangle should be over your knuckles now. Roll your thumb knuckle toward your palm as far and close in. 



Beads & other extensions coming off is one of the common problem with jewellery. Though its least reported in our experience by now. But the beauty is always associated with delicacy. So yes, these pretty things are delicate and breakable. Handle with care and don’t panic if pearls, beads or any other jewellery extensions come off because it won’t make you look any less prettier at the part since they won’t be visible until and unless paid very close attention to with a magnifying glass. Though, We are always here to help you with it. You can email us or report it in complaints section or give us a call about it. If its repairable, you can do it too. We can send you a tutorial video where we show you how to do it or arrange a video call for you where we guide you with the repair of your jewel.